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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Risk Level & Dashboard

LC State administrators and the college's Coronavirus Tactical Group continue to monitor the status of coronavirus on campus and in the community, working closely with Idaho Public Health. In accordance with its Operational Levels Matrix, LC State's risk level, as of Sept. 28, 2020, is:

Minimal Risk

It is the intent of LC State to update the above risk level and following dashboard numbers in real time as information becomes available. The totals below are for the fall 2020 semester (since Aug. 24, 2020), and are current as of the date listed above.

12   6   0
Total confirmed cases   Active confirmed cases   Students in isolation in campus housing
Students: 12
Faculty/Staff: 0
Lewiston: 12
Coeur d'Alene: 0
Other: 0
Students: 6
Faculty/Staff: 0
Lewiston: 6
Coeur d'Alene: 0
Other: 0


Confirmed Case: A case that has been confirmed by a Public Health district (e.g., Public Health – North Central District or Panhandle District).

Active Confirmed Case: A confirmed case in which an individual is in isolation and, thus, not cleared to reintegrate with campus.

A student enrolled at LC State, including on-campus dual credit students and those currently enrolled in GED and Workforce Training courses.

Recent All-Campus Notifications

Sept. 1, 2020 -- Lewis-Clark State College was notified today, Sept. 1, that a student has tested positive for COVID-19. The student is recovering and is currently in self-isolation. Public Health has deemed the case a low risk to campus because proper protocols such as face coverings and social distancing were in place, and has begun contacting individuals who were in close contact with the student. Potentially impacted campus facilities have been taken offline temporarily for thorough cleaning. 

This is the first confirmed COVID-19 case at LC State this fall. Updates regarding this case and others in the future will be posted as needed to For information about how to minimize the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19, as well as other resources and updates relating to the college’s response, please visit this webpage or email

Fall 2020 Outlook

Fall Courses & Face-to-Face Instruction
LC State is excited to welcome students back and resume in-person instruction. The college will offer a blend of protocol compliant (i.e., adjusted room capacities to allow for social distancing) face-to-face instruction, an expanded number of remote learning options, and hybrid educational experiences this fall. All courses will maximize the use of LC State’s brand new learning management system Canvas, so that, should the need arise, a pivot to remote delivery could be executed without class disruption. Instruction will be guided by the Fall 2020 Instructional Delivery Plan. To encourage students to avoid classes if they have symptoms of illness, faculty will be told to accommodate students who need to miss class meetings due to illness.

Face Coverings
[Updated Sept. 8] LC State requires all faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors, at all its locations, to wear a face covering when inside buildings, and also outside when social distancing cannot be maintained. The effectiveness of face shields continues to be evaluated by the CDC. As such, LC State will approve the use of face shields only under special circumstances. Though students and employees are expected to provide their own, face coverings will be provided to guests who do not have one and to students in the event they do not bring their own. View CDC Guidelines for Selecting, Wearing and Cleaning Face Coverings.

Transition to Remote Delivery after Thanksgiving
LC State has modified the fall semester schedule to minimize disruption while maximizing health and safety. The semester will be the traditional length, beginning on Aug. 24 and ending final exams on Dec. 18, but all classes will transition to remote learning after Thanksgiving break. Ending face-to-face instruction at Thanksgiving break will allow students to complete the last two weeks of the semester remotely and avoid potential spikes in infection rates related to Thanksgiving week travel. Final exams will be given remotely, though the Testing Center will remain open to accommodate some testing as will the Library, carefully maintained as a Clean Zone. 

Residential Housing
LC State welcomes residential students to campus this fall. Residence hall capacities have been adjusted, and consistent with local health department recommendations, quarantine spaces created in case they are needed. Prior to and upon arrival, students will be screened and those reporting or evidencing high-risk responses to screening questions will be connected with and directed to local health providers for follow-up as needed. These individuals will be instructed to self-isolate while awaiting test results or until a 14-day quarantine period has passed. Residence hall rooms and campus rentals will be supplied with signs/guidance reminding students to remain in their rooms if they have symptoms of illness and to call Student Health Services or Public Health to determine if they should be tested for coronavirus based on their symptoms.

Food Services
Food Services will be operational during the fall 2020 semester, with specific protocols determined based on State of Idaho and Sodexo corporate guidelines. Self-serve food options will not be available, at least during the fall semester, but grab-and-go food pick up options will be available. The dining area will be set up and arranged per Idaho’s restaurant guidelines, which include social distancing and appropriate spacing between tables. If a student is quarantined his/her meals will be delivered. 

Student Activities & Events
LC State plans to provide and host protocol-compliant student activities and events. Will they look different than in the past? Yes. But, the opportunity to network with other students and the rest of the campus community remains an important aspect of the LC State experience. 

The NAIA Council of Presidents has voted to postpone the national championships in cross country, men's soccer, women's soccer, and women's volleyball to spring 2021. This decision still allows NAIA conferences to compete in the fall and winter, if they so choose. The Cascade Collegiate Conference, which LC State is a member of, announced that competition in all CCC sports is suspended until at least Nov. 1 and will be reevaluated at that time. LC State supports these decisions and looks forward to launching the fall semester focused on health, safety and academics with a look to resuming competitions later in the school year.

College-sponsored non-essential travel will be practically non-existent. Departments, faculty, staff and students should leverage remote technology whenever possible at least through the fall semester. Questions about whether or not travel is “essential” should be engaged in conversation and review with immediate supervisors, and requests are ultimately subject to vice president and/or president approval. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. View fall 2020 travel guidelines.

Public Health Strategies
Students, faculty and staff are required to wear facial coverings and observe physical distancing and other public health practices in enclosed public spaces for as long as public health professionals advise to do so. Hand sanitizer stations will be placed at the entrances of all buildings and lobby capacities have been adjusted. LC State is working to modify and equip classrooms as well as administrative and student support services to be protocol compliant. In some cases, this means modifying classrooms with plexiglass instructor station inserts, moving class section locations to allow for social distancing, and adjusting event and building traffic flow. The college is also investing in remote learning infrastructure, internet hot spot access points, and AV upgrades to enhance synchronous remote instruction options. Additionally, LC State has employed enhanced cleaning protocols across campus. 

  • What about in CDA? LC State Coeur d'Alene operations will follow North Idaho College guidelines with respect to facilities, face coverings, and other specific protocols.

Based on consultation and recommendations from Public Health and our St. Joseph Regional Medical Center partners, incoming students from hotspot areas will self-quarantine prior to arriving on campus, best practice mitigation strategies are being implemented, and testing may be indicated in some situations. After being asked to shelter-in-place, students who are experiencing symptoms or who have come into contact with infected/potentially exposed individuals will contact health care support by phone to determine if formal screening (testing) is required. 

Information & Updates
LC State is committed to providing regular updates as new information becomes available. These updates may be all-campus updates, or updates to specific groups such as employees, students, campus residents, or student athletes. Please check your college email account regularly and also this webpage ( for the latest information. Questions can be emailed to

Fall 2020 Resources & FAQs

General Resources:

Faculty/Staff Resources:

General FAQs:

What about travel?

See the fall 2020 travel guidelines.

Is study away still available?

The college will continue to participate in Study Away/National Student Exchange, but all international travel is suspended for the next academic year and student participation in National Student Exchange will be suspended at least until the conclusion of the Fall 2020 semester.

What about events and conferences?

Campus groups that wish to host campus events and conferences are asked to refer to the updated guidance. Note that all events must include the self-screening protocol included in the guidelines (i.e., In the last 72 hours, have you….) and the acknowledgement-of-risk included in the guidelines.

What signage is being posted on buildings?

All buildings will be provisioned with signage indicating that those who enter the building are acknowledging a certain level of risk of exposure to COVID-19 along with other signs related to prevention measures (e.g., wearing face coverings and frequent handwashing).

Examples and printable signs can be found here.

What happens if there is a confirmed case on campus?

Please see LC State's response plan flow chart

Are face coverings required on campus?

Yes. For details please see LC State's Face Coverings Guidelines

Student FAQs:

Are face coverings required on campus?

Wearing face coverings is strongly encouraged by health officials and, in an effort to promote the safety and well-being of our campus community, LC State will require students, faculty, and staff to wear face coverings while in campus buildings and classrooms. Face coverings are not required if people are socially distanced (6 feet or greater) while outside or for those who have documented medically-based reasons for not wearing them. Students requiring a medically-based accommodation to be excused from wearing a face covering should contact Accessibility Services and provide appropriate documentation from a qualified medical provider. 

For more details please see LC State's Face Coverings Guidelines

What will classes and classrooms be like?

To allow for social distancing in the classrooms themselves, we have moved many of our classes to larger spaces on campus. In other cases, lecture classes and labs will be taught with a modified method whereby part of the class is in a classroom with the professor while the other part of the class participates in real time via distance technology. Each faculty member will have their own rotation schedule and will explain how this will work via email before classes begin. Faculty members will utilize best instructional practices for the discipline they are teaching. 

Note that classes will shift to remote delivery after Thanksgiving break. Services, including Residence Halls and Food Services, will continue to be available.

What will residence life look like?

For those who live in campus housing, you will notice some modifications to the layout of our rooms and community spaces. We’ve taken these steps in an effort to promote social distancing. If needed, we have also set aside spaces for students who show symptoms of illness or who may test positive for the coronavirus to isolate. For students who need to isolate, meals will be delivered. 

We are planning to have a robust menu of student activities this fall. All are being planned such that social distancing and other cautionary measures can be implemented.

What about health and safety across campus?

You will notice several signs on and in campus buildings outlining health tips and safety protocols. Be sure to read them and take the messages to heart. At the entrance of each building, we will have hand sanitizer stations and encourage you to use them. We also encourage the entire campus community to be vigilant about handwashing and staying home if they have signs or symptoms of illness.

Where can I get the latest information?

Now more than ever, it is important to follow your LCMail messages, course bulletins posted in Canvas, and to monitor the college’s website. Your course instructors will correspond with you as the semester draws near about specific instructions related to your classes, about technology you’ll need to access your classes, and other information you’ll need to be successful in your fall classes. We’ll continue to provide updates about coronavirus protocols on our website as well.

Additional FAQs will be added as needed. Please direct additional questions to