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Faculty and Staff Giving at LC

Your Support Makes a Difference

LCSC's annual Faculty & Staff Campaign is an opportunity for you to support the College and its students. Contributions from faculty, staff and emeriti do more than provide funds for programs, scholarships and other needs. They are an endorsement of the College, signaling to alumni, friends, corporations and foundations that this is an institution worthy of support.

If you are interested in giving through Payroll Deduction, please click here for the form.  Fill it out completely and send it on to HR!  Your support does make a difference! 

Why We Give! 


Jill Thomas Jorgenson

For years I said to my husband that I wanted to work at Lewis-Clark State College. He used to laugh at me and say, "It is like the lottery where you have to buy a ticket to win the big jackpot, I think you might have to apply for a job to really be able to work there." After he teased me about this for a number of years, I did "apply" and have now been at LCSC for 15 years. I believe that students receive a valuable education at our institution. I know this from personal experience, I earned my degree from LCSC and am thrilled to now be teaching there myself. Why wouldn't I give to the institution that has enriched my life?

Teresa Cole

Teresa ColeI donate to LCSC because I enjoy working here and want to invest in its programs to help it grow in the future.  I know the College can’t provide all its programs on state funding alone and relies on private contributions.

I give to the Warrior Athletic Association to help the deserving student athletes.  The athletes represent themselves, LCSC and our community through their participation in their sport.  The athletes must meet their academic goals in addition to their athletic goals.  They are responsible for completing all their school work around the busy schedules of practice, travel and competition.  They are held to high expectations and meet them based on the consistent success of all the LCSC teams.  I talk with the students in the fitness center and in the class I teach and know how hard they work to meet their goals.

I give to the Center for Arts and History because it offers a great community service.  It increases LCSC awareness to the general public through its cultural exhibits and history.  It offers student involvement through curriculum and service learning.  I think it is important for students to be introduced to the cultural enrichment and service to the community so when they graduate and take a job they realize the importance of giving back to the community where they make their living.  We all need to participate and volunteer in our communities to make them successful and a great place to live.     

Sarah Willmore

Sarah Willmore (1)Since I was in middle school I knew what college I wanted to attend. LCSC was my 1st, 2nd and 3rd pick and I was dead set on getting accepted. I love everything about LC, having great professors and staff that treat you more like an individual than a number. My instructors were always willing to go the extra step in helping me excel in my learning. While I was in college at LC I started working for Community Programs, I recently graduated and am happy I am still part of such a great department. I have been enrolled in payroll deductions for 5 years and I knew I wanted to give back to my college for what they gave to me, a solid education and career. I give to LC because I respect what we stand for, connecting learning to life. They are involved in many community events, they offer affordable education for students and we recognize their accomplishments.  LCSC isn’t short of amazing and I am so blessed to be a part of this great college.