Financial Aid

Merit Based Scholarship Appeals

Denied Merit Based Scholarship*

If you feel that extenuating circumstances (death in family, emergency or illness) may have affected your ability to meet the terms of your scholarship or waiver agreement, please explain in detail your situation.

You must provide as much documentation as possible to support your petition (medical records, doctor release, academic plan for future semesters, etc.) Petitions will not be reviewed without the proper documentation.

All petitions will be considered on a case by case basis by the LCSC Scholarship Committee through the 2017 Fall Semester petition deadline of June 16, 2017 and 2018 Spring Semester deadline of January 19, 2018. 

If you failed to meet the deadline for petitioning to the committee or do not agree with their decision, you can petition to the Financial Aid Director.

Further appeals can go to the Vice President for Student Affairs.

The LCSC Book Scholarship cannot be reinstated. Students who are petitioning for reinstatement of their Presidential Scholarship are only able to reinstate their Presidential Scholarship.

The final day to petition for the 2018 Spring Semester is January 19, 2018. Appeals received after this date will not be considered.

2017 Fall Petition Form

2018 Spring Petition Form

Missed Deadlines, Extensions, Exceptions, or Additional Funding*

If you missed the priority deadline for a merit based scholarship or if your scholarship was cancelled due to no response, you can submit a letter to the Financial Aid Director explaining your circumstances for missing the deadline and requesting a re-evaluation.

If you have exhausted all semesters allotted in your scholarship contract, you can appeal for an extension of your merit based scholarship. You must write a letter to the Financial Aid Director explaining the reason you are requesting an extension.

If you are requesting an exception or additional funding, you must complete a Scholarship Request Form and submit it to the Financial Aid Director.

*The information listed is solely for merit based scholarships.