Verna Studer

Verna L. Studer, M.Ed.

Advisor of Administrative Assistant program

  • SGC 200A
  • Business Technology & Service Division
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Mon 10-11:45 a.m.
Wed 10-11:45 a.m.



Administrative Assistant graduates are proud of their strong written and oral communications; their strong skills in Office 2016:  Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, One Note, and Publisher, as well as experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Visual Studio Code; and their many professional experiences in the office setting. 

The graduates work in many fields, including but not only insurance, medical, engineering, banking and investment, real estate, and school offices.  Basically, if students are interested in a field, the students will find an employer who needs their administrative assistant skills!

Students in the program can earn their B.A.S. degree (120 cr) in the Administrative Assistant program, with a personalized emphasis in the areas of study which will fit their career goals.  The A.A.S. degree  (61 cr) focuses on the technical and professional skills which entry-level administrative assistants require in their careers.  

Certificate options for the Administrative Assistant student who prefers to attend school for a shorter time or prefers not to take as many General Education Core credits, includes the Advanced Technical Certificate (52 credits) or the Intermediate Technical Certificate (30 credits).  Certificates of Completion of certain courses are also available.

Administrative Assistants who are working in the field may contact me to find the best path for you to earn a certificate or degree as you work.


FALL 2017
GNBPT 185 01 Applied Written Communication SGC 215 Syllabus
GNBPT 122 01 Mechanics Business Writing I SGC 220 Syllabus
WRPPT 200 01 and 02 Business Document Formatting SGC 215 Syllabus
OFFPT 194 - 494 Co-op Online; Experience in office Syllabus
CITPT 102 Computerized Ten-Key Online; See Blackboard Syllabus