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Previous Presidents and Administrators

Lewiston State Normal School was born of a ninteenth century vision to place a teachers' training institution in northern Idaho.  So persuasive were the voices of early supporters that the state legislature granted approval in 1893. Tribute is paid to the leaders who transformed a young normal school into a mature, innovative institution.

1893-1903 George Knepper Lewiston State Normal School
 1903-1915 George H. Black  Lewiston State Normal School 
 1915-1925  Oliver M. Elliott  Lewiston State Normal School
1925-1941   John E. Turner  Lewiston State Normal School
1941-1951 Glenn W. Todd

Lewiston State Normal School/
Northern Idaho College of Education 

 1951  Northern Idaho College of Education closed   
1955  Lewis-Clark Normal School opens  
 1955-1957  Dr. H. Walter Steffens  Lewis-Clark Normal School
 1957-1963  Dr. Cleon C. Caldwell  Lewis-Clark Normal School
 1963-1968  Dr. Wayne Sims  Lewis-Clark Normal School
 1968-1978  Dr. Jerold O. Dugger

Lewis-Clark Normal School/
Lewis-Clark State College 

 1978-1994  Dr. Lee A. Vickers Lewis-Clark State College 
 1994-1995  Dr. Michael Glenn Lewis-Clark State College  
 1995-2000  Dr. James W. Hottois Lewis-Clark State College  
 2000-2001  Dr. Niel T. Zimmerman  Lewis-Clark State College  
 2001-2010  Dr. Dene K. Thomas Lewis-Clark State College 
2010-present  Dr. J. Anthony Fernández Lewis-Clark State College